Paalaga for your dearly departed

Choose Paalaga subscription to send vault flowers on a weekly or monthly basis to honor your loved ones at St. Thérèse Columbarium in a meaningful and continuous way but also provides peace of mind.

With the convenience of scheduled installations, you can be assured that your heartfelt remembrance will never be forgotten.

Selecting Your Paalaga Subscription: A Step-by-Step Guide

By following these steps, you can easily choose the Paalaga subscription that best suits your preferences and pay a heartfelt tribute to your dearly departed.

1. Visit the Product Page

Start by visiting the product page of any Vault Flowers to avail our Paalaga subscription.

2. Choose Paalaga Subscription

On the product page, you will find the option to select “Paalaga Subscription.” Click on this option to proceed.

3. Select Frequency

You will now have two frequency options: “Weekly Paalaga” and “Monthly Paalaga.”

  • For the “Weekly” option, vault flowers will be installed every week.
  • For the “Monthly” option, vault flowers will be installed once a month.

4. Monthly Paalaga

If you choose the “Monthly” frequency, you will have these plan options:

  • Annual Plan: This plan provides vault flowers for 12 months, one each month.
  • Semi-Annual Plan: With this plan, you will receive vault flowers for 6 months, one each month.

5. Weekly Paalaga

If you select the “Weekly” frequency, you can specify how many weeks you’d like to receive the vault flowers. You can choose from a selection of weeks, available for up to 52 weeks.

6. Add to Cart

After making your choices for frequency and plan duration, click the appropriate button to confirm your selection and proceed to the checkout process.

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