Double Tribute


Express your condolences and pay tribute to a loved one with our Double Tribute, a classic white sympathy standing spray that honors their memory with grace and beauty.

Product Description

This double spray arrangement features a serene combination of white daisies, white mums, snapdragons, Casablanca lilies, orchids, and white tuberoses (Azucena). These blooms come together to create a serene and elegant display, symbolizing purity, love, and remembrance.

To make your tribute even more personal, Double Tribute is delivered with a 4? wide satin ribbon that can be customized with a heartfelt message. Please note that the specific flowers used may vary depending on seasonal availability, but the sentiment and beauty of the arrangement remain constant. Double Tribute is a dignified and heartfelt way to honor and remember your loved one during this difficult time.

We have a simple goal – delight our customers with flowers that are high quality, fresh, and beautiful. While we may occasionally need to substitute for color or flower variety, we promise that the blooms you receive will be fresh and wow you or your gift recipient.

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